Our Superior Studs: Journey, King, Chopper and Cowboy At the Blast we take the time and passion to make sure not only is the training pure but our dogs are as well. Our studs are very special in each of their own rights.  Let's talk and share what type of stud you are interested in. 


At THE BLAST we take great pride and passion in carefully selecting, training and campaigning studs that meet our expectations in

competition, field and home. Our studs are very special in each of their 

own right! We will be happy to have a conversation about any of our 

studs as they all have unique genetics, personalities, stories, accomplishments and characteristics.

We understand that getting your desired litter starts with choosing the right stud and making the breeding happen as smoothly as possible. Therefore we have a set of breeding procedures that we suggest you 

follow in order to make the breeding happen in a professional manner. 

As always you can contact us anytime during the process with questions you may have. 

Breeding procedures:

• Contact us prior to your female coming in heat or

at the moment you see first blood

• At that time you will need to email or text us pictures or copies of 

the dogs Hip, Eye and Elbow certifications as well as schedule 

brucellosis test that must be "negative" before breeding. 

• Schedule your first progesterone test 6 days from the first sight of

blood. Continue checking your female every 2-3 days thereafter till

the progesterone reaches close to a 5.0.

• For a natural breeding we would like you to bring her to our facility

when her progesterone reaches a 5.0. We will then keep her for the 

amount of days needed to give you two ties-two days apart for 

optimal success in having larger litters. 

• For Frozen or Fresh chilled semen we want to be contacted immediately when the female comes into season, so we can play accordingly on when 

to ship the semen for the best results. All collections and shipping is to 

be paid for  and responsible by the owner of the female being bred.  

• If the dog is going to be in our care longer than the time needed

to be bred we charge a boarding fee of $150 a week. 

• 3 or less pups is $150 a puppy. 4 or more pups equals full stud

fee price. Prices of studs fees are on individual basis.

• All stud fees must be paid before we approve the AKC or UKC

Registration Paperwork. 

Thank you for choosing one of our studs for your quality female. We are excited to work with you on making this process enjoyable for you to have a great litter of puppies.