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At THE BLAST Wingshooting Kennels, we strive to bring the most out of your hunting or competition companion. We train both puppies and adult dogs to be dependable and effective sporting companions in whichever retriever venue you choose. A finished gun dog from THE BLAST will deliver a bird to hand every time, quarter a field in search of the elusive ringneck pheasant, sit in a blind ready to retrieve a magnificent mallard drake or lay down in a ground blind ready to retrieve the fallen goose. We customize our training program to the bird hunting of your choice.

Above and beyond a high level hunting dog, we campaign dogs throughout the year in AKC Hunt Tests, AKC Field Trials (Derby and Qualifying) and Upland Bird Dog Tournaments. To keep up with the high level of standards and competition in today's events, we summer in Wisconsin and spend our winters in Texas. Campaigning your companion gives you a appreciation for your dog to see them perform at a high level  in what they were bred to do. 

People who have their dogs campaigned thoughout the year do so for many of the following reasons:

  • Be proud of your dog for reaching a high level in retriever events that they were bred to do. 
  • Title their female to better the pedigree for future breeding of litters.
  • Title their male to be a future stud dog and recieve more breedings. Many breeders will not breed to a dog without some type of title.
  • See your dog achieve levels that are consistent with the national standard.
  • Keep the dog sharp and on top of his game, in the off season, after hunting season.
  • The bond that is created by seeing your dog be handled or handling the dog yourself to high level will make any owner's heart swell with pride!! 

Regardless of whether you choose your dog to be trained as a high level hunting and/or competition companion, they will need to start in the foundation program to have solid basics for their future career as a retriever. 

Jump Start Puppy Program
Age: 4 Months
Duration: 2 weeks

Contrary to what most people believe, training your puppy at a young age will not hurt it. Actually, beginning your dog's training when it is still a puppy will help your hunting companion reach its ultimate potential. The Puppy Training program will expose your puppy to a wide variety of skills necessary for a successful hunting career. It will also assure your dog will be ready for the Foundation Training program when it is old enough.

The Puppy Program includes:
• Basic obedience
• Proper introduction to live birds (bringing out hunting instincts)
• Proper introduction to gun fire (preventing the dog from becoming gun-shy)
• Basic retrieves (bringing out the natural instinct to retrieve)
• Introduction to water (weather permitted)
• Introduction to the duck call, boat and decoys 

Criteria for this training:
• Puppy must be current on all shots 

This is not a requirement to enter other training programs; however, we feel that dogs who have completed this pre-training excel at a much faster rate in our Foundation and Advanced Programs. 

Foundation Retriever Training Program

Age: 6 months and older

Duration: 4 Months and beyond if you want your dog to move to the Advanced Training Program

The Foundation Retriever Training Program is an exciting time as we build all the foundation skills needed for the future of your retriever's career. This training program will turn your dog into a reliable hunting companion you will be proud to take into the field. In this program, your dog will be trained to a solid foudation level to be able to spend your days chasing wiley roosters, enjoying a weekend in a duck or goose blind as well as participating in AKC Junior Hunt Tests. It is important that in this program we discuss the kind of conditions your retriever will be hunting or competing in. Therefore, we can customize the dog to fit needs of what you as the owner would like to see your retriever perform. 

The Foundation Training Program includes:

  • Formal obedience commands with E collar conditioning to ensure your dog responds the first time to each command.
  • Conditioned retrieve (force fetch) to ensure your dog knows how to deliver the bird to hand every time without fail.
  • Steadying for all purposes in waterfowl hunting.
  • Proper conditioning to the gun from distances and sitting next to your dog
  • Conditioning to duck calls, boat and decoys
  • Short and long retrieves on land and in the water
  • Upland quartering

By the end of our Foundation Training program, you will have a complete gun dog that will mark downed birds, quarter a upland field to find, flush and retrieve to hand every time along with conditioning to various scenarios that could take place during your hunt. They will be ready to participate in AKC Junior Hunt Tests and Upland Bird Dog tournaments. Now it is time to have fun in the field and make lasting memories with your new, well-trained retriever!!

Advanced Gun Dog Training 

* Length of training based on the goal you wish your retriever to achieve
* Foundation Retriever Training Program is a prerequisite 

The final step into making your retriever a finished dog is THE BLAST’s Advanced Retriever Training program. Completion of this program will ensure your dog is capable of doing everything a Foundation Retriever graduate can do in addition to marking multiple retrieves and responding to hand signals for blind retrieves and whistle sit before flushing a bird in the upland field.

The Advanced Gun Dog Training Program Includes:

• Forcing to the pile
• Remote sit
• 3 handed casting
• Completion of double T
• Completion of swim by
• Transitional blind training
• Running of blind retrieves
• Retrieving multiple marked birds
• Mark and Blind Combinations
• Poison Birds
• No Bird command for Upland Hunting • Whistle sit to a bird before flushing

Having dogs with you in the field is a great experience, and having a finished dog makes your hunting experience that much more enjoyable and productive. Upon completing this program, your dog will be ready to participate in AKC Senior and Master Hunt Tests.

Other Services

Conditioned Retrieve (Force Fetch)
Duration: 1 to 2 Months training

Do you enjoy training your gun dog by yourself, but cannot get him to fetch and return to hand? Training can be very frustrating if your dog continually drops the bird or training dummy before returning to your side. To correct this problem, bring your dog in for our Conditioned Retrieve Program. We have an outstanding reputation for teaching the Conditioned Retrieve without taking any style out of your dog. It is very important for your dog to retrieve to hand every time and this type of training takes professional experience to ensure the dog understands what is expected each time. It does not matter the breed, as we can train almost any gun dog the Conditioned Retrieve.

Refresher Training Program
Duration: 1 to 2 months before hunting season

Summer can be an extremely busy time for people, and training your gun dog may not be a top priority. You cannot expect your dog to go out and perform well on opening day after having all summer off. Dogs, like humans, need practice to stay sharp and in shape. Our Refresher Training Program sharpens the dog’s previously learned skills and prepares them for the upcoming hunting season. This program will ensure the dog is in hunting shape, is properly marking birds, and is steady to shot before hunting season kicks off.

Upland Bird Dog Tournaments 

Upland Bird Dog Tournaments are excellent ways to have your retriever compete in the winter months, keeping the dog sharp and in shape. Many dogs that have completed the Foundation or Advanced Gun Dog program here at THE BLAST can compete in state and national bird dog tournaments. If you would like to enter your dog in an upland bird dog tournament, but would rather have a professional handle the dog during the competition, contact our kennel.

We Love our Dogs! Training is our passion.
We Love our Dogs! Training is our passion.

their awards

Showing Proof of Passion

  • Numerous AKC Junior Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Senior Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Master Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Master National Passes 
  • Numerous AKC Qualifying placements  

Upland Bird Dog Tournament accomplishments include:

  • Two National Titles (BDC and UFTA) 
  • Numerous BDC National and World Championship placements 
  • Numerous BDC Super Major wins and placements 
  • Numerous BDC Major wins and placements
  • BDC National "Puppy of The Year" award 2013
  • BDC World Championship finalist featured on the Sportsman's Channel, MAV TV and Pursuit Channel 
  • Selected as the pro trainer to be featured in the "Tri Tronics Trainers Tip of the Week" for all 2015 BDC World Championship flushing episodes featured on the Pursuit Channel
  • Received the prestigious award of "Shot of The Week" in the first BDC World Championships
  • Wisconsin Series "Puppy of The Year" with his female Bella
  • Made Wisconsin Series history with his dog Bella for being the only puppy to ever win three events in a row in one season
  • Wisconsin Series "Puppy of the Year" with his female Winnie 
  • Many other Wisconsin Series and UFTA qualifying wins and placements