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BDC SM x3 THE BLAST’s King Of The Ring MH  “King” 

A New Beginning

King holds a special place in our hearts as he was the first male we

raised from the whelping box to be our first stud dog at the kennel.

King was pick of the litter out of our best female Winnie's first

breeding. We set our sights on raising a stud that would have the

qualities we look for in a retriever: looks, smaller size,

trainability, intelligence to switch between different retriever

venues, nose for upland, stamina, marking ability and a good companion

around people and kids. We got just that and more!

King showed intense bird drive at a young age and was quartering and

flushing birds by the time he was four months old. At 6 and one-half

months old, King was used as a guide dog for clients at one of

Wisconsin's premier hunt clubs. It was at this time that we started

King's training towards his titles needed to be a our stud dog. During

the training process King was a joy as he seemed to have a "even-keel"

type attitude towards training. King would absorb anything taught to

him in a thoughtful manner unlike most dogs. This attitude made

teaching King very easy as once something was taught properly you

rarely had to repeat that step in training.

Campaigning of King

Wanting to enjoy the whole hunt test process we started campaigning

King at 7 months old. King started running AKC Junior Hunt Tests on

his first 2014 winter trip, earning his title with 4 passes and no

fails. On a roll King earned four AKC Senior Passes four weekends in

row to earn his title at exactly one year of age — a feat that is

rarely heard of!! Directly after his AKC Senior Title, King earned his

first AKC Master Hunt Test pass at 15 months of age just before the

Midwest Hunt Test season ended in September 2014.

Entering the 2015 season would find King on another winter trip to

train for the 2015 BDC Upland National Championships as well as finish

his AKC Master Title and qualify for the AKC Master National.

Expectations were high and King was up to the task. King stepped up

immediately as he earned two more passes at the North Alabama Double

Master Hunt Test the first weekend in March. Two weeks later King

would find himself in the finals of 2 of the 3 venues at the BDC

upland national championships: the puppy division and the top gun

division. King earned a 3rd in puppy division competing against the

best dogs in the country.

King continued his consistent ways into Wisconsin’s spring hunt test

season earning his AKC Master Title at 23 months old! King qualified

for the 2015 AKC Master National on the same day as his 2nd birthday!

Now days King enjoys competing in high end upland Bird Dog

Tournaments. To date King has taken many places in National and World

Championship events and has 3 BDC Super Major (Classic, Invitational, Western Nationals-Ladies) Upland wins under his belt.

On The Hunt

Probably one of King's greatest assets is his ability to be able to

hunt for anyone. King has the personality that will make anyone fall

in love with him the first time you meet him. When in the blind for

duck or goose hunting there is no need to ever worry about King

breaking or messing up a hunt. He is a statue, who calculates marks by

numbers like a calculus. Rarely do you lose any bird when on a hunt

with King which makes him so impressive. One minute King will be

sleeping at your feet when the sky is clear and the next retrieving

every bird taken by the gun.

In the upland field King is a birds worst nightmare! If a weary

rooster feels he can take the ground route to escape King will make

sure that will not happen. King has tracked running birds over 400 yds

to bring them to the gun. This is trait that has come from his dam,

our girl Winnie. This is an amazing trait that King passes onto his

pups. No need to train tracking when working with a King pup.

Genetically it is just natural. This is a trait that is very rare in

most lines of Labradors and King sets the mold!

Superior Genetics:

King has build of a 90lb Lab in a 60lb body. He has a deep chested

muscular body with beautiful head, with red ears on a mostly white body

 that earns him compliments everywhere I take him. Simply put he is a

"lil powerhouse". King has a unique pedigree that offers a great opportunity to all that breed to him. 

View King’s pedigree and health clearances:

King has OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, CNM Clear by parentage, EIC Clear by parentage, CERF-Normal and PRA Normal. 

In The Home

King is pure pleasure in the home. He has such loving personality that

makes everyone fall in love with him the instant they meet him. King

travels easy and just chills till its time to get to work. Kids, other

dogs and puppies can jump all over King as he will just lay there with

a semi smile on his face. You cannot love King enough as he will take

all he can get.

The Choice is Simple

King is a proven sire that has produced pups that have achieved

JH, SH and MH in hunt tests and dogs that have won high stake upland

bird dog tournaments. The pictures we receive of people happy with a

King pups as hunting companions is off the charts.

When considering breeding your female, look no further than King

as he has all the assets to compliment any female! Hunting,

competition, off switch in the home, pedigree, looks, health

clearances and much more! Add a extra dose of a loving personality and

King is your man!