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Our Superior Studs: Journey, King, Chopper and Cowboy At the Blast we take the time and passion to make sure not only is the training pure but our dogs are as well. Our studs are very special in each of their own rights.  Let's talk and share what type of stud you are interested in. 

We have a great team of Studs to meet your needs. Breeding Procedures and Requirements: Negative Brucellosis test before the breeding Owner must provide hips, elbows, eyes (CERF), EIC and CNM clearances Owner must provide a copy of the pedigree of their female Progesterone a must for maximum results and time management of the breeding. Please contact us at the sight of first blood. Have the female to us the day she has reached a 5 on her progesterone test. We will house and take care of the female as if she was our own. 

Owner of female must provide us with enough food for the length of her stay. If natural we will give a minimum of two ties if possible If Artificial Insemination (Frozen or Fresh) owner of female is responsible for all costs 3 or less pups $150 per puppy, 4 or more pups full stud fee Stud fee must arrive before we approve the AKC paperwork Stud Fees are based on a individual dog basis.




As a companion, Winnie is the best dog I have ever owned. She will go to extreme lengths to please you and has an excellent "Off" switch in the house. You don't even know she is in the house. 

Pups from our females provide some amazing litters. In the previous years, AKC Senior Hunter Titles by the age of 1 year old along with upland wins. Our ladies have bred to FC AFC Hardscrabble's Powder My Buns in 2013 and FC AFC HRCH Taylor lab's Downtown Dusty Brown MH in 2014. These pups will be able to play any retriever game at the top level; therefore, our passion lies in our studs and our ladies to produce pups who will go to competitive or hard hunting homes. 

One of our ladies is Winnie. But we have many great females here!

Winnie's Attributes:

Clear of all health defects

Exceptional pedigree

Extremely accurate marker

Impeccable line manners

Stylish blind running- runs blinds as hard as her marks

57 lbs with an extremely athletic build and gait

Amazing upland nose and stamina

My go to guide dog for a Corporate Pheasant Club

Highly consistent in Upland Competition

Highly consistent in AKC Hunt Tests

Consistent in Field Trial Qualifying events

Excellent mother to her puppies

Great companion with an intense desire to please 




Labrador Retrievers are not just great gun dogs, but also life-long companions. It is the goal of THE BLAST Wingshooting Kennels to produce top of the line gun dogs and a friend for the whole family. The dogs bred and trained here have solid pedigrees - full of master hunters and field champions that have proven themselves in and out of the field. These established pedigrees are key to producing high quality puppies able to hunt alongside you all day and sleep at your feet at night.


If you are trying to decide on a puppy, it is important to choose one from proven stock and clear of the hereditary diseases associated with Labrador Retrievers. THE BLAST guarantees your puppy, up to 26 months of age, to be free of any of these hereditary diseases, including hip and elbow dysplasia and any eye disorders. Puppies are socialized with other dogs and humans, and have begun the house-breaking process to help make an easy transition into your home. Additionally, puppies will have dew claws removed and are up to date on vaccinations and wormings. Labrador Retrievers are wonderful pets to have and are the number one dog in America for a reason. THE BLAST Wingshooting Kennel is excited to provide you with a high quality dog ready to exceed your expectations.

Purchasing a Puppy from THE BLAST


Like our Facebook page to see all upcoming litters and puppies that are currently available. We prefer to be contacted by phone as it is important that all our pups are placed in good quality homes. Once you decide a BLAST puppy is for you, a deposit is required. Picks will be based on the order deposits are received and puppies will range in price based on the breeding. Shipping is available upon request and at the new owner's expense. We are proud to provide you will a great new companion for the field and family!