THE BLAST’s Under The Radar MH “Chopper” 

The Next Generation

Always looking to improve THE BLAST it was time to add a Black-Yellow factored male to my stud dog line up. There was no time line on this adventure. The only thing I was concerned with is making sure this dog fit all my criteria of being a stud at THE BLAST; looks, smaller size, athletic build, trainability, intelligence, nose, stamina, marking, house manners and great with people, kids and other dogs. We got that with Chopper and a whole lot more!! 

Chopper was purchased from me by a good friend of mine Nick Nelson as pick of the litter out of out very own stud dog King. Nick would bring Chopper out to train him in the evening at my facility and that’s where it all started. I immediately noticed that Chopper had something special in him. At 4 months old he was showing talent that most pups, at that age, just don’t have. At 6 months old was the start of our hunting season and Chopper was performing at a level way above his age and training. It was at that time that I told Nick, “I’m in”! We made our agreement and the rest is history. 

Starting the training process with Chopper was pure joy! Chopper being the next generation out of our breeding made training him even easier. Having trained his sire and grand dam, I had a understanding how he would most likely learn. This gave Chopper even more of a edge as I know where I could push him and where I needed to slow down. There was no slowing down with Chopper! Show Chopper something a few times and he has it immediately. One of the things I enjoyed most during the training process was his extreme attentiveness. He was constantly glued on me trying to figure out what I was teaching him and gave me 150% effort every time at each task. 

Campaigning Of Chopper 

With Chopper’s talent there was no reason to spend time running the lower level stakes at hunt tests. We ran him in a Senior Hunt test when he was a year old, in which he smoked the test. This showed us we were on the right track. The winter of 2018 would find Chopper with me in Texas for winter training trip and the start of his Master Hunt Test career. While on the trip I decided to enter Chopper in a AKC Field Trial Derby before he aged out. Against some of the best trainers in the country Chopper earned a AKC Field Trial Derby J.A.M in the only Derby we entered him in. Not having the time i’d like for field trials this made me super proud! There was nothing like going into that final series as 1 of the 7 dogs to win it. 

Now it was time to focus on getting his AKC Master title. At just shy of two years old we started taking him to AKC Master Tests. Having Chopper on the truck gave me a added confidence as every time I pulled him out of the truck he put on a show! Chopper went 6/7 in Master Hunt tests and earned his title just over two years old. He earned fans at every test for his extreme water entry! Chopper hits the water harder than any dog I have ever trained. Put water in front of Chopper and he thinks he’s running on top of it! 

Chopper qualified for the BDC Upland National Championships at 1 year of age by running one event. In the spring of 2018 at 22 months old, against the best dogs of all ages in the country, Chopper earned Reserve Champion (2nd Place) at the BDC Upland National Championships in the Top Gun Division, in the great state of Colorado. This was only the second tournament Chopper was entered in. From that one National placement Chopper had earned the prestigious “call from the BDC Owners”. Chopper had earned the right to compete against the 5 dogs from other regions in the country his age in the Spring of 2019 BDC Nationals to see who would be crowned BDC’s Puppy Of The Year. 

Chopper is now another staple on our BDC Upland Bird Dog Tournament team. We expect many more placements and wins in the future with this guy! 


Chopper has been on more real life hunts at his age than most will see in their lifetimes. Hunting is a religion with Choppers owner and he never misses a weekend during the hunting season to hunt ducks and geese, as well as week long trips to Mid Western states for Ducks, Geese and Pheasants. Chopper’s attitude on a duck or goose hunt is all about business. He is quiet, steady and intense in the blind ready to get to work. Cut Chopper loose on multiple retrieves and they will be back in lightening speed. The most exciting thing to watch on hunt with Chopper is his ability to mark crippled birds at extreme distances. There is no cripple that stands and chance with Chopper in the blind. 

Take Chopper to the upland field and your jaw will drop! His powerful frame is built to last all day. I have never wild bird hunted with a dog with you so much nose, endurance and tracking ability on wild roosters. There has been many days that Chopper has been on the ground for six plus hours hunting wild roosters. It truly amazes me on how Chopper gears down throughout the day to keep going hour after hour. If a bird is up for a chase on the ground, Chopper will make sure that bird comes to the gun at some point in time. This all business attitude is why Chopper is part of THE BLAST today and we are very proud! 

Superior Genetics 

Chopper has deep elongated muscular chest that narrows out in his rear end that makes his 60 lb frame very powerful. Which is why his endurance is off the charts. He gets compliment everywhere we take him for his gorgeous block head that you don’t see in most field line’s of Labs. 

Chopper’s pedigree is that of the next generation with many of the past decades greats from our kennel. 

View Chopper’s pedigree and health clearances:

Chopper has OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, EIC Clear by parentage, CNM Clear by parentage, CERF Normal 


Chopper’s personality is one of his greatest assets. He gets along really well with other dogs and has a great off switch in the house. He is amazing with small children as his family adores him at home. 

The Future

When looking at a stud for your future litter, consider Chopper at the top of your list! His good looks, pedigree, hunting and competition ability along with his great nature in the house will be a benefit for your future litter.