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2x BDC SMW THE BLAST's King Of The Ring MH


King PhotoKing was pick of the litter out of our best female Winnie's first breeding. We set our sights on raising a stud that would have the qualities we look for in a retriever: looks, smaller size, trainability, intelligence to switch between different retriever venues, nose for upland, stamina, marking ability and a good companion around people and kids. We got just that and more! 


King showed intense birdiness at a young age and was quartering and flushing birds by the time he was four months old. The fact that King was collar conditioned to all basic commands and force fetched by 6 months old showed his training ability at a young age. At 6 and one-half months old, King was already used as a guide dog for clients at one of Wisconsin's premier hunt clubs. During this same time, King was entered in his first upland tournament, finding all his birds and delivering them to hand with a fast enough time to qualify for the 2014 BDC Nationals in the puppy division (2 years and under). One month later at 7 months old, King started running AKC Junior Hunt Tests on his first winter trip, earning his title with 4 passes and no fails.


On a roll King earned four AKC Senior Passes four weekends in row to earn his title at exactly one year of age — a feat that is rarely heard of!! Directly after his AKC Senior Title, King earned his first AKC Master Hunt Test pass at 15 months of age just before the Midwest Hunt Test season ended in September 2014.


King earned our respect as our up and coming stud dog when he switched between four different retriever venues in one month, and he performed at all venues with a high level of intelligence!! September 2014, King earned his first AKC Master pass. Two weeks after he earned his first AKC Master pass, King was back in the upland field guiding for his second season with extreme nose, stamina and control, proving himself to be a pure pleasure for clients to hunt behind. Two weeks after starting to guide, King was used as test dog for our 2014 AKC Master National pre-training group. Many times King was better than the dogs we had entered. One week after the AKC Master National, in which King sat on the truck for a week with no training, he won his preliminary field at the BDC Upland World Championships. King earned his way to the semi-finals all while running in 80 degree heat!! King's semi-final match was filmed and featured on the Pursuit Channel. The day after the BDC Upland World Championships, King was used as my hunting dog for a planned personal hunting trip to North Dakota for ducks and pheasants. His training and the real-life hunting experience showed why he is “The King”! During the hunt he never broke, had numerous great retrieves, and had to run many hunting scenario blinds. We will never forget two very prideful moments that happened during the week of King being on his first true hunt. Just ask and we will tell you! 


Entering the 2015 season would find King on another winter trip to train for the 2015 BDC Upland National Championships as well as finish his AKC Master Title and qualify for the AKC Master National. Expectations were high and King was up to the task. King stepped up immediately as he earned two more passes at the North Alabama Double Master Hunt Test the first weekend in March. Two weeks later King would find himself in the finals of 2 of the 3 venues at the BDC upland national championships: the puppy division and the top gun division. King earned a 3rd in puppy division competing against the best dogs in the country.


King continued his consistent ways into Wisconsin’s spring hunt test season earning his AKC Master Title at 23 months old! King qualified for the 2015 AKC Master National on the same day as his 2nd birthday!


King will continue to run AKC Master Hunt Tests each year to qualify for the AKC Master National working his way to earn the ultimate hunt test title of Master National Hunter title (MNH). King will run field trial qualifying events working towards the Qualified All Age title as well as compete in high level BDC Upland tournaments throughout the country! 


King's Accomplishments:

Started as a upland guide dog at 6 months of age

Dec 2013: Qualified for the 2014 BDC Upland National Championships at 6 months of age

April 2014: 3rd place at a BDC Upland Major event in the puppy division which qualified him for the 2014 BDC World Championships

May 2014: 4 for 4 passes to earn his AKC Junior Title 

August 2014: 4 for 4 passes- four weekends in a row to earn his AKC Senior Title. 

August 2014: King was the youngest dog of the month to achieve the AKC Senior Title per Retriever Results. 

August 2014: King was used to film the Tri Tronics "Trainers Tip of The Week" for the 2015 BDC Flushing World Championship episodes 

September 2014: Earned an AKC Master pass at 15 months old before the Midwest 2014 season ended

October 2015: Made the semi finals of the 2015 BDC World Championships in which his match was featured on the Pursuit Channel. 

March 2015: 3rd place at the BDC National Upland Championships in the Puppy Division against all dogs in the country under two years old.

March 2015: Finalist at the BDC National Upland Championships in the Top Gun Division

May 2015: AKC Master Hunter Title

June 2015: Qualified for the 2015 AKC Master National on his 2nd birthday


King's Profile: 

DOB: 06/06/2013

CNM: Clear

EIC: Clear

Hips: Good 

Elbows: Normal 

CERF: Clear 


King's Attributes:

Clear of all health defects

Exceptional pedigree

Exceptional Marker

Impeccable line manners

Stylish blind running

Only 60 lbs with a powerful build

Amazing upland nose and stamina

Guide dog for a Corporate Pheasant Club

Consistent in Upland Competition

Consistent in AKC Hunt Tests

Great companion with other dogs, people, kids and in the house


King's strongest attribute is his intelligence and talent to switch from one retriever venue to the other. We feel the joy of owning a dog is to be able to use that dog in as many ways as possible during their life. King is that dog for us and will be a great choice for anyone looking to improve their breeding program. If you enjoy running Hunt Tests, Field Trials or upland tournaments, hunting ducks, geese, grouse and pheasants, give King a try for your next best companion!! 


Breeding Procedures and Requirements:

  • Negative Brucellosis test before the breeding 
  • Owner must provide hips, elbows, eyes (CERF), EIC and CNM clearances
  • Owner must provide a copy of the pedigree of their female 
  • Progesterone a must for maximum results and time management of the breeding. Please contact us at the sight of first blood. Have the female to us the day she has reached a 5 on her progesterone test. 
  • We will house and take care of the female as if she was our own. Owner of female must provide us with enough food for the length of her stay. 
  • If natural we will give a minimum of two ties or more if possible 
  • If Artificial Insemination (Frozen or Fresh) owner of female is responsible for all costs
  • 2 or less pups= no stud fee, 3 pups=1/2 stud fee, 4 or more pups full stud fee
  • Stud fee must arrive before we approve the AKC paperwork


Current Stud Fee: $800




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(608) 445-6149
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