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Michael Vaughn

Since turning Pro Mike has been unique in the fact that he has taken both sides of the retriever world to a high level: waterfowl and upland. His success has come from his business and training background in the world of martial arts. Mike has successfully run a martial arts school in Madison, WI for over 10 years. He attributes his martial arts training concepts and philosophies to helping him make great strides in the retriever world. Dogs have been a passion of Mike's since he was a kid. As a teenager, Mike traveled the Midwest running beagles in AKC field trials earning the prestigious title of FC on his young male, Yukon, in early 2000.


Mike's career in the bird dog world started off on the upland side of the fence. After participating in a fun Upland Bird Dog Tournament, where his first dog, Toddy, missed placing because he would not retrieve the bird to hand, Mike sought the help of a local pro trainer. While training with the pro, Mike was introduced to the waterfowl side of retriever training. Mike soon would help by throwing birds and learned the beginning stages of retriever training such as: collar conditioning, force fetch, T work, Swim by and some transitional training. Mike soon developed the same passion for this style of retriever training as he did the upland world. 


Mike first and foremost takes serious pride in training gun dogs for people who are avid hunters (upland or waterfowl). After all, hunting is what these dogs were bred for in the first place. Mike enjoys taking a client's dog from a house companion to a field companion for the dog to add more value to the family. Many great family relationships and memories have been built by taking a dog afield. In the fall you can find Mike duck, goose, grouse and pheasant hunting along with guiding in Wisconsin and North Dakota.


Mike attends numerous retriever events throughout the year competing in AKC Hunt Tests, AKC Master National, AKC Qualifying/Derby field trials and Upland Bird Dog Tournaments.


Mike's AKC accomplishments include:

  • Numerous AKC Junior Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Senior Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Master Hunters 
  • Numerous AKC Master National Passes 
  • Numerous AKC Qualifying placements  


Mike's Upland Bird Dog Tournament accomplishments include:

  • Two National Titles (BDC and UFTA) 
  • Numerous BDC National and World Championship placements 
  • Numerous BDC Super Major wins and placements 
  • Numerous BDC Major wins and placements
  • BDC National "Puppy of The Year" award 2013
  • BDC World Championship finalist featured on the Sportsman's Channel, MAV TV and Pursuit Channel 
  • Mike was selected as the pro trainer to be featured in the "Tri Tronics Trainers Tip of the Week" for all 2015 BDC World Championship flushing episodes featured on the Pursuit Channel
  • Mike received the prestigious award of "Shot of The Week" in the first BDC World Championship episode of the 2015 season
  • 2011 Wisconsin Series "Puppy of The Year" with his female Bella
  • Made Wisconsin Series history with his dog Bella for being the only puppy to ever win three events in a row in one season
  • 2012 Wisconsin Series "Puppy of the Year" with his female Winnie 
  • Many other Wisconsin Series and UFTA qualifying wins and placements


In Mike’s free time he cherishes spending time with family and friends, spirituality, working out, hunting and training/teaching martial arts. For Mike, being a retriever trainer and martial artist is a lifestyle! 


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